Enjoyable and convincing music reproduction!

The German entertainment & electronics web magazine, AV Magazin, speaks well of DALIs LEKTOR 2 and gives the speakers their "Best Buy"-approval.

Here's a few quotes from the test conclusion (translated from German):

"Those of you who knows DALI, knows DALI for always offering exceptionally good processing quality in every priceclass of the Danish speakers.

The new LEKTOR 2 is no exception:

The choice of material and finish is excellent.

The design allows placement on the shelf, very close to the wall or placed free on stands without compromising any potential.

Equivalent to the easy placement, the speakers at this pricepoint offer surprisingly high-quality technology and are capable of highly sophisticated music reproduction to the pleasure of every listener.

In Short, the result is convincing musically - which means many appealing and comfortable listening hours.