MENTOR MENUET - a powerful weapon

During Hi-Fi Klubbens Scandinavian press conference, DALI presented the MENTOR MENUET's that are being characterized as the greatest surprise of the conference by the leading Danish newspaper and website magazine

The aim of the press conference was to focus on sound products capable of fighting the "sound convenience" tendency due to bad sound sources, and in stead direct the listeners’ attention to real quality audio products such as the MENTOR MENUET’s.

To quote fpn’s journalist, Poul Tvilum (translated from Danish):

"…rarely has so much sound harmony taken up that little space; amazingly homogeneous…a rare, lively reproduction filling the room nicely. A very revealing reproduction allowing the listeners to explore the soundstage and continously find new, subtle nuances – while the loudspeaker not being ultra critical to the signal quality."

"DALI MENTOR MENUET is possibly one of Hi-Fi Klubben’s strongest weapons in their fight against bad quality that is killing good music."