MENTOR MENUET: "Astonishing!"

The French HiFi Vidéo magazine has a great review on DALIs MENTOR MENUET in their latest edition.

Here's a few quote from the review - translated from French:

"These tiny and compact speakers from DALI will surprise you quite a lot. Despite their micro-dimensions, they play with a talented and generous sound stage."

"To listen...Astonishing! That was the first word coming to my mind when listening to this speaker for the first time. These speakers behave as if they were much bigger than they are, even in very low frequencies which is quite unusual for this size of speaker..."

"Every single instrument, every single sonic source is naturally located in a sizeable stereo image. Another big surprise to these small speakers: They deliver real dynamics with deep and tight, low frequencies."

""Multipurposal", these MENUETs are the ideal choice to reach a top quality listening in small to medium sized rooms...Obviously, they can be used as small sats in a 5.1 solution based on the MENTOR series as well."