MENTOR MENUET awarded "Preistipp" in i-fidelity, Germany

The editors give MENTOR MENUET the seal "Best Buy" and the test result "Very Good".

The editorial staff of i-fidelity was unanimous and the conclusion reads therefore:

"The MENTOR MENUET is a loudspeaker-highlight. Affordable and a "good start" in high-quality music hardly realized before.

If it is placed on stands about 30 inches from the wall, they unfold their full sonic behavior. Prerequisite for this is the appropriate electronics. Arcam, Marantz, Denon and Pioneer can offer excellent solutions in this context.

With a little technical skill they can build a measure of sound quality that significantly more expensive speakers in some cases can not reach. The MENTOR MENUET therefore gets the title "Best Buy" fully justified."

"High class, Danes! As if this were not enough praise, the editors also gives DALI and MENTOR MENUET the seal "RECOMMENDED"!