LEKTOR 2 - Clear sound picture

The reviewers on the Portuguese magazine, Audio Cinema em casa, speak favourably about LEKTOR 2 in their test.

The reviewers test DALIs LEKTOR 2 in relation to various music tracks. For instance, Michel Petrucciani judge in proportion to Santana's Supernatural and has the following comments (translated from Portuguese):

"To this CD, the Lektor 2 presented a clear sound picture, with a good contour definition, allowing the listener to enter on the tracks following the melodic lines he wants." - and then goes on to emphasize the speakers' very musical character and the fine possibilities in low and middle frequency areas.

In their summary, the reviewers are not the least surprised by the sound capability of the DALI speakers. The LEKTOR 2 present a clear sound picture, and the detail recovery is at a good level. And the reviewers conclude:

"On a general manner, they make an agile presentation, with a clear middle range, with tense bass and enough impact." and " On a global scale I would say that the DALI LEKTOR 2's are a valid proposal for those who want to use them in a room with small or average dimensions, and is interested in a great price/quality relation."

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