DALI IKON 5 MK2 receives a fabulous review

Hifi.nl published a fantastic review of the new IKON 5 MK2 speaker - among other things saluting its impressive ability to deliver music with power.

The review is overall very positive and goes into details about IKON 5 MK2's characterics. Here's just a few quotes from this thorough review, translated from Dutch into English:

"The music is delivered with lots of power and fills the 40 m2 with ease. The speakers sound larger than the physically dimensions would make you expect. Muddy or sluggish bass isn't part of the IKON 5 MK2's vocabulary."

"The DALI speakers immediately display their abilities, and how Carreras' voice sounds delicate, sheer transparent and knows how to touch a nerve with me."

"It's quite a feat that an affordable speaker such as the DALI IKON 5 MK2 is already capable of revealing such minute details."

"It's good to see that a manufacturer like DALI uses the experience and technology developed for the expensive ranges for the less expensive IKON range. The IKON 5 MK2 that I auditioned goes straight to number 1 on my list of affordable top-speakers."

"I can't but salute these DALI IKON 5 MK2 speakers."

"Compulsory listening material!"

Read the full review here (in Dutch):