HELICON 800 MK2 awarded in Haute Fidelite

The French magazine values the speakers to be excellent news & developed and assembled with great talent in their July/August 2010 issue.

"For those who enjoy to hear everything on the CD and not only a musical performance of the CD, those HELICON 800 MK2 are excellent news… It's all about true High Fidelity."

"As we were expecting from such a speaker, the bandwidth is large and linear. Such a linearity does give tight and deep bass or a wonderful high frequencies…"

"With the HELICON 800 MK2, DALI offer a new choice compared to the other models from the competitors. These speakers have been developed and assembled with great talent. Value for money is one of the best when comparing to other brands. At that price, you have a nice floor stand speakers, with a building quality close to perfection and the DALI name as an insurance."