MENTOR MENUET praised in SonicFlare, USA

American online magazine SonicFlare recommends DALI's MENUETs and their ability to fulfil the needs of music listeners looking for a big, compelling sound from a very elegant and low profile box.

There's a lot of nice words to the developers for designing the MENTOR MENUET from the ground up (and not just re-issuing) and their effort to invent a compact high performance piece at a reletively affordable price. Likewise, great adjectives are being attached to the MENUET's drivers, downward firing air-flow optimized port, new grills, and not least the fresh new look. Here's a couple of nice quotes from the review:

"They [the MENTOR MENUET's, ed.] manage to deliver the kind of precision and balance that critical ears love, while at the same time producing the type of rhtymic and engaging quality that makes listening to music fun and enjoyable. It's a tough balancing act to strike, and DALI nailed it with the MENUET's".

"They sport a unique blend of honesty and musicality that is difficult not to appreciate and enjoy. If you are an audiophile that is searching for brilliant performance from an elegant lifestyle sized box, I can currently think of no better solution than DALI's little MENTOR MENUET."

"Very highly recommended!"

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