Top review to DALI MOTIF

Norwegian Lyd&Bilde gives a surround system combination, including DALI MOTIF, a very positive test result in their June 2010 review.

Lyd&Bilde present a combined DALI-Denon surround sound system consisting of a Denon Cara surround receiver and DALI MOTIF front and centre speakers plus DALI FAZON. The result is excellent.

The reviewer states that the soundstage of this combination is immense, while still conveying far better integrated bass notes, hitting much harder than usual. "The cabinet doesn't noise about, the bass elements are extremely quick and plays tonally correct. The integration between bass speakers and the other speakers in the system is elegant and works without any problems. Hefty bass effects as in action films or hard bass drum hits are being reproduced almost unproblematicly - even at high volumes."

The reviewer concludes that music in stereo is from another world as well. Hip hop- and intense techno-lovers will find great pleasure in the extent rhythm control and ability to deliver these in a most physical way one can feel in the chest. At the same time, Lyd&Bilde state, the tonal resolution is so much better that jazz instruments can express themself dynamicly.

Finally: "This is overall a system definitely worth considering if you can afford it and don't want big speakers filling the space in your livingroom."