DALI FAZON SUB 1 recommended

The Austrian web-magazine Sempre Audio is impressed by FAZON SUB 1's power ability as well as its precise timing. The editors give the subwoofer their full recommendation.

Here's a few quotes from the recommendation - translated from German:

"In this test, we were surprised by two things one wouldn't expect from such a small subwoofer; the first is the genuine power that slumbers in the small subwoofer from DALI...at the same time it impresses with a precise timing, and thus truly musical reproduction of the bass line."

"We were especially impressed that the small subwoofer from DALI occurs so entirely different compared to so many of its "colleagues" in the compact class. The sound was never "spongy" or "washed out", but always to the point, concise and, let's call it crunchy, full."

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