Goldilocks would be pleased!

- to quote the American magazine The Absolute Sound featuring HELICON 400 MK2 in their latest edition.

According to the reviewer, Dick Olsher, Goldilocks would be pleased, because "The HELICON's presentation consistently felt just right. It is the only speaker I've auditioned to date at this price point that I find suitable for realistic reproduction of orchestral music". He further describes the speakers as a fine wine that continues to improve over the first couple of weeks of break-in and reaching the right level of textual silkiness.

Headlined "Danish Treat", the reviewer moves on to what he calls the important subject of a speakers emotional expressiveness: "...the ability of a speaker to communicate music's drama and passion. I found the HELICON to be quite engaging emotionally. And there was plenty of detail to behold, including transient decay into the noice floor of the recording."

Olsher concludes that "The test of any great speaker is a long-term satisfaction, being able to live with it, day in and day out, without any significant reservations. The HELICON is that sort of speaker."

Finally, the reviewer claims that "The DALI HELICON 400 MK2 is a speaker you can "marry" for life. An enthusiastic two-thumbs-up recommendation!"