IKON 5 MK2 gets a Top-Test in i-fidelity.net, Germany

The magazine praises IKON 5 MK2 as a "small beauty" and states that "the graceful Dane" possesses qualities out of the ordinary.

In their thorough and well-written test, they conclude as follows:

To i-fidelity.net, the speakers performed the best when bent slightly to the rear and with a minimal angling. This positioning emphasizes their multifarious detail richness without adding too much gloss and likewise, the balance within the amazingly potent bass range is impressive.
The DALI IKON 5 MK2 is endeed not a loudspeaker for the fast music consumption. Due to their size alone, they require a careful adjustment in volume in order for no detail to be suppressed. Besides, experiments with varying the slight angling towards the listening position when setting up the speakers may change the sound picture and tonal balance.

The IKON 5 MK2 is a speaker that succeeds in bringing two groups of music fans together: the analysts who'll gladly go on a discovery journey through their record collection and the less nerdy listeners who care less about details but listen to the music as a whole – and very often in party mode.

To bring it to the point: These speakers are an absolute highlight.

Read the full test online (in German) here >