LEKTOR 2 reviewed in TONEAudio

- Tons of fun and a breath of fresh air. This is how the American music, gear, and style magazine TONEAudio characterizes the DALI speakers in their October 2010 issue.

TONEAudio also praises the DALI LEKTOR 2's midrange abilities, wide dispersion, design, and notes that if you are looking for great performance in a small package, you should "...put the DALI LEKTOR 2's at the top of your list."

Here's a few quotes from the nice review:

Wide dispersion

"DALI’s website mentions that wide dispersion is an important part of their design brief, and this is another important area where these speakers really perform. The sweet spot is big and almost as enjoyable way off axis as on. This allows for the whole listening room to have a great seat and also makes these speakers very useful as rear surround speakers that need to be placed in a less-than-optimal location."

"...LEKTOR 2's are handsome, understated bookshelf speakers with just a hint of flair coming from the four silver trim pieces on the upper and lower front sides that also act as receptacles for the grill tabs, a hint at how nice the speakers would look in an office system."

Correct and easy to drive

Finally, TONEAudio concludes that "The best budget components do not try to be all things to all people, and this is what makes the DALI LEKTOR 2 speakers such a success. Concentrating on getting the fundamentals correct and making the speaker so easy to drive provides true value indeed. This is the kind of speaker that stays in the family for a long time."

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