IKON 6 MK2 5.1 system - Brilliant review

The Norwegian magazine tested a line of recent, similar priced loudspeakers and found it very hard to let go of the DALI IKON 6 MK2.

Hjemmekino calls it quite a feat that the IKON 6 MK2 changes (compared to the original IKON) have become successful improvements, adding warmth and a more clean and richly detailed sound.

Having installed the system and a descend receiver carefully, using IKON 6 MK 2’s, IKON 1 MK2’s, the IKON VOKAL MK2, and the IKON sub MK2, the reviewer is ready to pass his judgement. And he finds the result to be "…clear, focused, clean and with as much resolution and richness of detail as possible in the price range."

The system works extremely well whether to music only or supplementing music videos or moving pictures such as Avatar:

"There’s something in the high frequency area reproduction and the balance that make these loudspeakers so attractive. The soundstage achieves brilliant height, and reproduction of details is excellent in the price range. The centre speaker, IKON VOKAL MK2, does an impressively good job and reproduces very realistic and credible voices."

Generally, the reviewer finds the soundstage to be engaging, exciting, with lots of pace and enterprice and a nice three-dimensional feeling in the front system. Finally, the reviewer concludes that "…with a powerful and good receiver this system simply performs fabulous!".