PHANTOM LEKTOR wins the Plus X Award

DALI's in-wall loudspeaker PHANTOM LEKTOR has just won its first international price.

The Jury states the following about PHANTOM LEKTOR:

"It's not hard to install a built-in loudspeaker - but delivering convincing quality is a difficult task.

DALI presents the PHANTOM LEKTOR in-wall loudspeaker, which is not only easy to install, but also delivers terrific sound. Many loudspeakers made for in-wall and in-ceiling use are of average sound quality at best. This is not true as regards the PHANTOM LEKTOR.

Constructed as two-way speakers, they deliver above-average sound reproduction and prove that built-in speakers don't necessarily require compromising on ease of installation or audio quality.

* Easy to install
* Optimal technology
* Above-average sound quality."