MENTOR 8: Major league in all aspects

The Dutch online magazine, by far the biggest review player on this market, tells a great story of the DALI speaker.

Earlier on, the same magazine reviewer tested the DALI IKON 5 MK2 to a very good result. Now, it's "...the MENTOR 8 that amazes me."

The reviewer states that the MENTOR 8 plays tight and relentlessly at high sound levels without any problems - and causes the reviewer an urge to jump off the sofa and start clapping and singing. And it's not just the visual appearance of the MENTOR 8 that feeds his enthusiasm:

“The speakers can best be described as not just grand in physical presence but certainly in performance as well”, and "I’m completely taken by surprise with the kind of ease these speakers follow this dynamic surge in the music, causing a small fright reaction”.

Subsequently, the magazine is impressed by the bass abilities:
“The thundering low-end effects are reproduced perfectly, making a subwoofer superfluous. Yet the more subtle effects and music are perfectly portrayed. The sound remains open, transparent, and spacious”.

Feels like being there
The review concludes that: “Like no other, these speakers manage to convey the feeling of being there. Used as front speakers in a home theatre system, the Mentor 8 will excel as long as they’re driven by a solid and beefy amp or receiver.
This doesn’t mean to say that the subtle elements are overlooked; this is all the consequence of many years of research and use of superb drivers. It is obvious that all the investments done by DALI has yielded results. Which makes it even more impressive that DALI can offer a speaker like this at such an attractive price. Major league in all aspects!"

See the complete review HERE (in Dutch).