ZENSOR 7 – Worth every penny

I-fidelity.net's second in-depth review of the popular DALI ZENSOR series. This time the spotlight is focused on the ZENSOR 7.

Prior to the this reveiw, i-fidelity.net have reviewed the DALI ZENSOR 1 which led to the verdict “Very Good”. They have now moved their focus to the ZENSOR 7. And the verdict...?

“The ZENSOR 7’s manage to impress in all the major disciplines such as balanced tonality, deep bass and high frequency resolution capacity – impressive for speakers in their price range.” “One must keep in mind that we are dealing with a pair of floor speakers for only 760 €.”

The editors of i-fidelity therefore reward the ZENSOR 7 with the verdict "Very Good" and adds the label "Price tip" as they conclude that the ZENSOR 7 is "Worth every penny.

The full review of the DALI ZENSOR 7 is available (in German) at i-fidelity.net.