IKON MK2 5.1 – 360 degrees of elegance

i-fidelity.net have tested the DALI IKON MK2 Surround System: IKON 5, 6, VOKAL, and the IKON SUB MK2. The verdict: Marked as a “Highlight” product.

“Sonically, the sophisticated Nordic [speakers, eds.] especially invites you to discover the many hidden musical treasures from DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD and Blu-ray...”

“Filtered properly, the IKON MK2 system delivers an impressive and conclusive performance of a movie soundtrack. At higher volumes it is never aggressive or precipitated by its effortless precision.”

“Surprisingly, the subwoofer sounded like it was from a higher series than the full-range IKON series. It played dry and precise without even having to make an effort…”

The full review of the IKON MK2 Surround Sound System is available at i-fidelity.net.