MENTOR MENUET – Compact speaker with natural precision

The hi-fi magazine STEREO has put the MENTOR MENUET to the test with classical recordings featuring countertenor Philippe Jaroussky.

“The plucking instruments were depicted with crystal-clear highs and upper mids without lack of naturalness, which resulted in spontaneously excitement. The voice reproduction was also convincing: countertenor Philippe Jaroussky rose free and loose from the accompanying ensemble, with a velvety richness and precise articulation.”

“The MENUET convinced even with string music: The Cello Cantilena were reproduced with crystalline bite at high notes and shone with well-defined contours in the lower sound sphere of the cello.”

“According to our extensive listening tests it was clear to us: The DALI MENTOR MENUET offers a lot of listening pleasure for the money and is at the same time appealing through its elegant, timeless look. Once again it has been shown that great speakers don’t necessarily have to be floor speakers in refrigerator dimensions.”

The full review is available as PDF format: MENTOR MENUET.