IKON 6 - A review from LogicalDesign

Our Brazilian distributor LogicalDesign have reviewed the IKON 6 MK2. In the review they describe which features, they find the most attractive.

"The first detail, that caught my attention, was the soundstage with a perfect holographic sensation. The focus and definition was perfect, and it was possible to analyse all the stages effortlessly. The tonal balance from this new generation is a big step ahead from the previous edition, with more coherence between instruments..."

"The IKON 6 MK2 mid region is very attractive. It is ideal for vocal music with articulation and presence and without any glare or being too bright. The same goes for the bass - with extension and control, and with no problem in reproducing any music with heavy parts."

"The tonal balance, the dynamics and mainly the soundstage shows why the IKON6 MK2 is rewarded around the world. The capacity to play very well with any amplifier on the market is a strong argument to audiophiles, who normally waste a lot of time looking for a solution."

"If you like to sit in your livingroom, turn on your stereo, and indulge yourself in a enjoyable atmosphere, which craves your hours, then you have just found the product that will fulfill your expectations."