MENTOR MENUET - Good things do come in small packages

The online magazine Trusted Reviews has carried out a thorough review of the new, small and classy Mentor Menuet, which attacks both movies and music with a surprising amount of passion and power.

“The thing that jumps out immediately is their incredibly lucid detail. Whether they’re teasing out the high frequency hustle and bustle of a movie scene or playing a delicate jazz tune, the Menuet’s don’t miss a thing.”

The reviewer from Trusted Reviews find the MENTOR MENUET well suited for both hifi and home cinema setup (front or surround) and are made to make the life easier as they can be placed on a shelf, mounted on the wall or placed on stands. According to the design, the reviewer is very satisfied with the classy finish of the MENTOR MENUET as well as the build quality.

Whether using the MENTOR MENUET’s for hifi or home cinema, you get an excellent experience. With regards to the use of the MENTOR MENUET as a hifi solution, the reviewer compliment these small loudspeakers’ strength: “And with Miley Davis’ Kind of Blue, it’s like the shuffling drums and cymbals are being played in the room.[…] Corinne Bailey Rae’s mellifluous vocals glide into the room with a richness and texture that lesser speaks gloss over, but when it comes to Adele’a urgent, long-busting tones on Rolling In The Deep, the Dalis imbue her words with all the drive and emotion you’d expect.”

When it comes to the use of MENTOR MENUET as a home cinema setup, the reviewer says “During Hellboy II’s Troll Market scene, the fluttering fairies and tinkle of metal pots come through loud and clear, with half-heard voices and footsteps in and out of earshot.”

The final verdict from the reviewer is that good things do come in small packages, and the MENTOR MENUET is a proof hereof: "These compact speakers do a fine job with anything you throw at them, from boisterous movie tracks to gentle jazz tunes, revealing layers of detail and conveying voices with smoothness and/or urgency.”

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Scores In Detail
Design - 9/10
Features - 8/10
Performance - 9/10
Sound Quality - 9/10
Value - 8/10