EPICON 2 - Receives 5 stars in WHAT HI-FI?

The recognized English magazine "WHAT HI-FI?" have reviewed the litle brother of the EPICON series: the EPICON 2.

"The EPICON 2's are fun. They do everything we'd expect from high-end standmounters but add a large dose of entertainment too. That's not something we can say of many rivals."

The few lines above almost says it all. WHAT HI-FI? are very enthusiastic concerning our EPICON 2, and when reading their review of the EPICON 2, we are very proud and even get goosebumps!

The reviewers are admired by the entire construction of the EPICON 2, from the design as a whole to the revised motor system which helps reducing distortions and aid sonic accuracy. WHAT HI-FI? describes the performance of the EPICON 2's as "[...] these standmounters sing." Their sound is praised for their " [...] wonderfully articulate and fluid midrange performance that reveals the nuances in the haunting vocals brilliantly." Furthermore, the EPICON 2's plays with a natural warmth, "[...] which isn't always the case with rivals that chase resolution over musical satisfaction. These DALIs never make that mistake."
One of the things that impress the most is the fact that the EPICON 2's performs equally fantastic whether playing at higher frequencies, midrange or at bass level. To sum up, the EPICON 2's are given the five fantastic stars because of their fun, lively and agile sound, their unfussy nature and the beautiful design.
"DALI is no stranger to making top-class speakers, and the engaging EPICON 2's serve only to reinforce that reputation."

The full review is available at whathifi.com