EPICON 2 - Our ears have fallen in love

Pocket-lint, an independent gadget news and reviews site in UK, has reviewed our EPICON 2's, and their every moment have been full of joy and music.

The reviewers from Pocket-lint thought that giving the EPICON 2's back to DALI wasn't going to be a problem, but it did... Their ears have fallen so much in love with the EPICON 2's, and "[...] and is there a more glowing endorsement of a product than our very real reluctance to hand it back now our loan period has finished? [...] Honestly, if we had that kind of money, we would happily cough for a set of these."

The reviewers are, mildly said, thrilled with our EPICON 2's, both with regards to their looks and sonic performance. "The speakers look amazing with the grilles on, but take them off and it's a whole new ball game." There's a real excitement to be identified with the reviewers in correlation to the purchase of cables to these darlings. Whatever cable you buy, "[...] the DALI EPICONS will take it happily with their impressive speaker bindings."

The sonic performance is the important part, and the reviewers are amazed - "Their sound is, somehow, exactly what we've been looking for. We tried them with two systems, one quite cheap and one a lot more expensive. The result from both were utterly wonderful."
The EPICON 2's makes delivers perfection regardsless of whether the music is all vocal, pop and electronic music : "Unlike most speakers we've heard, there was really nothing we could give the DALI EPICONS that they didn't handle with skill and beauty." When it comes to the individual musical instruments (for example pianos or guitars), the EPICON 2's present these with with "[...] such reality it's as close as you can get to sitting in front of the artist while they tickle the ivory or strum the strings."

So, the reviewers from Pocket-lint are without any doubt very pleased with the EPICON 2's, and the thought that it would be easy getting rid of these darlings have been brought to shame:

"The last word has to be that since we've had these plugged in, we have not stopped listening to things on them. Every waking moment has been full of music, and that's why we're really going to miss them when they've gone."

The full EPICON 2 review is available at pocket-lint.com.