EPICON 2 - When family matters

The German hi-fi magazine STEREO has reviewed the EPICON 2, and they are quite satisfied with the result.

There will always be a debate between audiophiles regarding floorstanding speakers such as the EPICON 6 vs. the baby sister EPICON 2 as a stand speaker. Of course, there is a difference... However, in this case, when reviewing and focusing on a stand speaker such as the EPICON 2, it is worth to notice that the EPICON 2 has inherited some really great qualities from the EPICON 6, and it is obvious that they are related.

In spite of the EPICON 2's beautiful facade, these babies have much more to show, because they are ind deed also rock chicks to a greater degree than other compact speakers. The listening experience of the EPICON amazed the reviewers from Stereo, because of the EPICON 2's dynamic and lively bass - these babies are extremely potent.

As for the perfect amplifier partner for the EPICON, there are a few to chose from depending on your preferences. The Musical Fidelity's m3i is fun fraction and a great partner for the EPICON 2 providing you with a lively sound experience. The same applies to the amplifier AMC CVT3030 MK2, which will appeal to anyone seeking for dissolved, full-bodied and happy tones. The gourmet version for the EPICON 2 could be the Marantz PM-15S2, which is unusually straight and balanced in all parameters.

The review is available at Stereo.de.