ZENSOR 3 - Testwinner

The German hifi magazine, AUDIO, has compared compact loudspeakers within the pricerange EURO 350-500, and the new ZENSOR 3 came out as the overall testwinner.

The ZENSOR 3 provides one with true hifi at a very good price, and this is, along with its performance, one of the reasons why it was the testwinner of AUDIO's newest test.

The technical specifications on the ZENSOR 3 are similar to the ZENSOR 1 - everything is just bigger! According to AUDIO magazine, the ZENSOR 3 impresses with their large and precise stage.

The reviewers from AUDIO emphasize the stereo effects, which are great, for example when the bass drum is wandering back and forth in the intro of "Sun King" by The Beatles. When it comes to the timing and precision of the ZENSOR 3, it stands out, even when playing the very low bass. 

The full review is available in a PDF version here

Test result:
+ Good timing, powerful and deep bass taking the size into consideration, very good workmanship

Sound: 68 points
Price/performance: outstanding