KUBIK FREE – A real joy

“[…] you could mistake it for a good passive standmounter.” This is just one of the compliments from the UK hi-fi magazine; Hi-fi Choice’s meeting with the new KUBIK FREE, which resulted in “Hi-fi Choice Recommended”.

It can be somehow a challenge to rise among the various active speakers on the market in these days, but the KUBIK FREE system rises to the challenge according to Hi-fi Choice. The KUBIKs sound so very strong that one could mistake for a good passive speaker. “The system goes loud and doesn’t show any sign of break up at high volumes, which is something you certainly can’t say about cheaper designs.” The treble is very crispy and smooth and the bass is slightly boomy, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s just not totally linear.

The KUBIKs are indeed in their right element when feeding the KUBIK’s with some big sounding pop from Mark Ronson. There is s “[…] punchy, bouncy sound that powers the song along on a wave of adrenaline.” A refreshing thing about these KUBIKs is that they are a little to the warm side, which, according to Hi-fi Choice, is a nice change from many other boxes.

“Overall, they sound clean, refined and punchy, and are a fine listen considering their price and obvious flexibility.” Hi-fi Choice recommend the use of the stereo RCA input with a high-end CD-player as a source to get the very best results, but it is worth to notice that none of the inputs let ones expectations down. The reviewer from Hi-fi Choice also points out the easy connectivity when pairing up i.e. an iPad with the KUBIK FREE’s Bluetooth device within 30 seconds.

The KUBIKs are a modern multimedia loudspeaker package that covers all bases: “[...] it sounds good and is versatile, well made and attractive to look at. Don’t expect it to perform quite as well as passive hi-fi speakers, but do expect convenience on another level to conventional hi-fi separates.”

The full review is available in the November issue of Hi-fi Choice.