KUBIK FREE – The Danish Champion

The KUBIK FREE is labeled as top-design with a great sound quality from the German hi-fi website, i-fidelity.net, and they have no doubt: Denmark has a new small champion.

The reviewers from i-fidelity points out that it is completely flexible and has freed itself from the traditional audiophile thinking. With regards to the design, it’s simple, elegant and there is a stylish purism to it. It blends easily into any environment that you can hardly see it, but as the reviewers point out, you can definitely hear it.

The sonic performance of the KUBIK FREE is great, flexible and truly present – it presents a wide variety of styles and genres, not only through Bluetooth, but also via CD player, flat screen TV and USB connection. The KUBIK FREE is always present with a stunning sound both in quiet passages, with orchestras and rock bands.

There’s no doubt about it: The KUBIK FREE is a hit, both sonically and visually.

The full review is available at i-fidelity.net.