ZENSOR 3 – When small is pretty big

The German hi-fi website, Sempre-audio.de, has had a close encounter with the newest member of the ZENSOR family: the ZENSOR 3, and the size might be small, but the sound is truly big.

As Sempre-audio took the first glances at the ZENSOR 3, they were excited. ZENSOR 3 presents itself as a very flexible compact loudspeaker with a breath-taking good sound performance. It can both work in a home cinema setup and in a classic hi-fi setup. It is without any doubt a very versatile speaker at a very attractive price. When taking a closer look at the ZENSOR family, the ZENSOR 3 actually has much more in common with its bigger brothers in correlation to the sound performance, the tower speakers, the ZENSOR 5 and ZENSOR 7 than with its little brother, the ZENSOR 1. Besides from the sound performance, the ZENSOR 3 impresses Sempre-audio in the quality of craftsmanship and high-precision manufacturing when taking the entry level in consideration.

In the search for a low-priced, but high performance compact hi-fi loudspeaker, the ZENSOR 3 is a winner.

The full review is available at sempre-audio.de.