MENTOR MENUET – A small speaker with huge sound

“The Menuet might be a small speaker, but it has a performance that means it stands its ground against larger designs.” This is just one of the points that Hi-Fi Choice, a well-known UK hi-fi magazine, states in their meeting with a pair of MENTOR MENUETS.

They are almost unusually small, the MENTOR MENUETS, but it’s the performance and craftsmanship that truly amazes the reviewers. The MENTOR MENUET differs slightly in correlation to the rest of the MENTOR family; it has a faintly retro appearance. The fit and finish is extremely good and together with the solid feeling, the outstanding quality veneering, the MENTOR MENUET is definitely worth every penny.

With regards to the sound performance, the MENTOR MENUET surprises: “The most impressive part of the overall performance is the realism and sweetness never overwhelms a sense of fun and liveliness that it brings to most music. The DALI is accurate without being analytical and it manages to latch on to rhythms with an effortlessness that means they are very easy to listen to for long periods of time.” When playing the unplugged version of Year Zero by Alabama 3, the MENTOR MENUET delivers it with real sparkle and energy. It complements the vocals perfectly and the guitar is with fine details.

The MENTOR MENUET makes a huge persuasive case for itself, when providing it with the case and attention it deserves. The MENTOR MENUET is versatile and so good in many areas that it somehow manages to distract one from wanting more bass or top-end extension. There is no doubt that the MENTOR MENUET is a speaker that truly deserves an audition, and with an audition, it will prove its talent.

The full review is available in the December issue of 2013.