SUB P-10 DSS - A beauty and a brisk and powerful beast

The German hi-fi magazine, AUDIO, has had a intense meeting with our SUB P-10 DSS, and the SUB P-10 DSS is both a real beauty and a powerful beast.

Due to the noble appearance one could get the impression that the P-10 DSS is simply a harmless beauty, but this misjudgment of the sub corrects after the very first tacts – it’s also a beast. The sub P-10 DSS is brisk and powerful, and the bass tones are presented with high accuracy. The cinema option gives even more pressure, but is not the right choice for audio, because of accents the upper bass section. However, the function to shift between stereo and home cinema is important due to the fact that many customers feel home in both worlds.

According to the AUDIO magazine, the P-10 DSS reproduces music with the right level of emphasis and power – not too exaggerated, not too ascetic. Whoever would like to play music and/or movies in a relaxed way will truly enjoy this subwoofer.

The SUB P-10 DSS is a real beauty, especially in white, but truly performs like a beast when necessary.

The full review is available in the November issue of AUDIO.