ZENSOR 3 – A masterpiece

A master piece doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, but there should be the perfect balance between price, performance and sound quality. And this is exactly what the ZENSOR 3 does according to the German hi-fi website, AREA DVD.

There is no doubt about that the reviewers are thrilled about the ZENSOR 3 with its compact size and its huge sound with a fantastic quality. When playing the classical trance “Outside World” of Sunbeam, the ZENSOR 3 performs so great that some bigger loudspeakers would be brought to shame. It is precise, tight and excellent in its timing and sharpness.

“Stop this world” by Diana Krall shows the listener just how much bass there is in the ZENSOR 3, and the depth is outstanding considering the speakers price point. Furthermore, Diana’s smoky voice is always beautifully focused. With Mozarts violinist concert no. 4, K. 218, the sound is sophisticated and harmonic, which proves that the ZENSOR 3 performs fantastic regardless of the genre.

The ZENSOR 3 is a masterpiece in its price point with a fantastic sound, which has given it the label outstanding from AREA DVD.

The full review is available at areadvd.de.