KUBIK FREE – A box with real value

The Swiss hi-fi website, AVguide, has made a thorough test of Bluetooth speakers and our very first active speaker, the KUBIK FREE, was among the tested speakers.

The KUBIK FREE can perform alone or with its partner, the KUBIK FREE XTRA. When operating the KUBIK FREE alone, the sound performance is similar to true hi-fi sound: clear, clean and yet very dynamic, according to AVguide. When parring the KUBIK FREE up with the KUBIK FREE Xtra, some would be quite surprised. The stereo setup performs with lightness, freshness and with high frequencies and harmonics. The KUBIK FREE setup brings an incredible depth in the music and it is a delight for one’s hi-fi ears.

The setup with the KUBIK FREE plays well with all types of music, from a swinging jazz big band to hard rock. There is no doubt that the KUBIK FREE, alone or with the KUBIK FREE XTRA will deliver real value for the musical setup for the home.

The full review is available at avguide.ch.