ZENSOR 3 – Five stars for addictive enthusiasm

The ZENSOR 1 has won awards and received great reviews by the prestigious WHAT Hi-FI magazine, where terms like ”an absolute bargain” were used. But can the ZENSOR 3 replicate the success of its sibling?

The answer is simple... Yes. “These are stonkingly good. They’re engaging and enjoyable enough that we found ourselves going through entire albums at a time, nearly forgetting that we were meant to be testing.” The ZENSOR 3’s will deliver their very best if you give them some time to run in, but afterwards, you really are up for a treat, according to WHAT Hi-FI. There’s no doubt about that these speakers are upbeat and entertaining with an airy and open soundstage. It’s balanced, nicely dispersed, and “There’s a crisp top-end and a sweet midrange, and the bass response is stunning for the size of the cabinets: there’s plenty of deep, tight bass that’s rich without ever getting heavy.”

What truly amaze the reviewers from WHAT Hi-FI are the ZENSOR 3’s nature and their way to handle the music with addictive enthusiasm. When for example playing the soundtrack of “Inception”, they deliver a power, which is deeply impressive and never tiring to listen to. Their performance also shows their high level of clarity and their richness of detail.

“They hardly put a foot wrong, and they’ll occupy you for hours.” They look great, not flashy, but the glossy baffles add some touch of sophistication. The ZENSOR 3’s are fun, dynamic and a great success – a real treat, according to WHAT HI-FI.

The full review is available in the January issue of WHAT Hi-FI.