KUBIK FREE – For demanding music lovers

The German hi-fi website, AREA DVD, has started the New Year with a close encounter with the KUBIK FREE and its partner, the KUBIK XTRA. The meeting has given the KUBIK FREE setup a title as first class sounding and a noble Bluetooth speaker system for demanding music lovers.

The reviewer from AREA DVD is testing the KUBIK FREE both connected to a computer via a micro USB cable and afterwards through Bluetooth. The computer immediately finds the KUBIK FREE and starts quickly with the title song “The Living Daylights” from the 007-movie of the same name. The KUBIK FREE provides its listeners with a real, direct and living sound. Also Adele’s title song “Skyfall” to the latest 007-movie is reproduced in real DALI hi-fi sound, and this is still with the KUBIK FREE playing alone. The tweeter is truly impressing and the bass feels authentic. Adding a cable and connecting the KUBIK XTRA to the KUBIK FREE, you have a perfect partnership, which makes one loose one’s breath. The sound is true hi-fi, the vocal reproduction is precise and with “Stop This World” by Diana Krall, the KUBIK setup truly demonstrates their ability to create an authentic sound in a listening room.

The same matters when playing through the Bluetooth connection, both alone and as a stereo setup. The KUBIK FREE delivers an acoustic performance on a very high level. When adding the XTRA, the KUBIK setup is a compact, elegant and colorful in every aspect.

The overall conclusion is that the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA is genuine DALI hi-fi sound, authentic and full of atmosphere. The KUBIK FREE as a standalone will bring loads of joy to your musical heart, and adding the KUBIK XTRA will only bring so much more joy into your living room or anywhere else in your home. The price might not be filled with joy, but the potential and sound is definitely worth every penny.

The full review is available at areadvd.de.

+ Natural, authentic high-fidelity sound
+ Wide dispersion
+ Impeccable level stability
+ Very good and fine dynamics
+ Reliable
+ Fine processing

- Quite costly