KUBIK FREE – A foot-tapping entertainer

The prestigious UK magazine, WHAT HI-FI?, has been enchanted by the KUBIK FREE and has provided it with a five star review.

“The guys at Dali have struck gold with the Kubik Free, and have used their speaker expertise to great effect. It’s another five-star product to add to their collection.”

The UK magazine has hereby given the KUBIK FREE a review, which is a gold medal worthy. The KUBIK FREE is praised for its versatility with many inputs and it works really well – for example, it only takes a matter of seconds, when pairing an iPhone 5S with the KUBIK FREE through Bluetooth. The Masterplan by Oasis comes out of the compact KUBIK FREE, and the intro sound delicate and intimate. “The KUBIK FREE picks out a superb level of detail. Noel’s vocal sits neatly alongside the crystal-clear strumming of the acoustic guitar. Plectrum on string sounds precise and crisp, as do the strings when they come to life later on.” The KUBIK FREE is magnificent in its timing and rhythm with Waiting All Night by Rudimental’s. “Solid, powerful drum and bass beats, full of weight and texture, balance well with detailed highs and a natural-sounding vocal.”

The KUBIK FREE is without a doubt a real entertainer, and you simply cannot help it, when your foot starts tapping to the music, because of the outstanding sound performance from the KUBIK FREE.

The full 5 star review is available in the March issue of WHAT HI-FI?.