ZENSOR 3 – Performed with bravour

The French hi-fi website, On-Topaudio, has been conquered by the compact and yet powerful ZENSOR 3.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes before the ZENSOR 3 had stolen the hearts of the reviewers from On-Topaudio.

When playing “Ashtray” by George Duke, a song with a strong bass line and mixing voices from soloists and choirs, the ZENSOR 3 proves its high qualities in the low power handling. There is a perfect channel separation, which truly shows just how deep and wide the soundstage is. “The Bass Together” by Bruno Cocset gives the listener a clear and refined sound performance with an overall perfect balance. The details are numerous and there is a great precision of the stereo image.

All together the ZENSOR 3 is a fantastic musical partner at an outstanding price level. On-Topaudio sums it up to one word: bravo.

The full review is available at On-Topaudio’s website: on-mag.fr.