KUBIK FREE – 5 stars for musicality

The audio expert, Michael Brook, from the UK magazine BBC MUSIC has taken a look at the very best new audio equipment, and his heart is set on the KUBIK FREE providing this elegant beauty with 5 stars and the label “BBC MUSIC CHOICE”.

The KUBIK FREE is praised for various connectivity possibilities, and its ability to stand alone as an all-in-one musical solution. Pairing it up with its partner, the KUBIK XTRA, you have a hugely capable stereo speaker system. And together with an optional subwoofer, you can create a system that is equally great with both home cinema and musical experiences.

With the several connection options, the KUBIK FREE allows one to connect with almost any piece of audio equipment. Especially the well-known wood fibre speaker cone and the soft dome tweeter stand out in the performance.

As for the price versus performance, then yes, the KUBIK might seem a bit pricy, however, “[…] given the wealth of connectivity options and the system’s musicality – which is astounding given the size of the units – the KUBIK FREE should be right at the top of anyone’s portable music wish-list.”

The full review is available in the April issue of BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE.