KUBIK FREE - A true audio system

The French hi-fi magazine, Hifi Vidéo Home Cinéma, has had a close encounter with our active beauty, the KUBIK FREE, and the reviewers were amazed with the balanced and refined sound.

The KUBIK FREE might seem as a compact speaker, but in correlation to the sound performance – don’t get fooled by its size. The KUBIK FREE will, according to Hifi Vidéo Home Cinéma, give you a true audio experience. The KUBIK FREE is praised for its several connectivity options – all in high quality. Setting up the KUBIK FREE together with its partner, the KUBIK XTRA, is very easy and when they first are setup, you can enjoy a very balanced and coherent sound. The high frequencies are precise, accurate and detailed without being aggressive. As for the midrange, the KUBIK FREE delivers a warm, authentic and structured performance. Despite its compact size, the bass performance is clear and present.

The conclusion is that the overall sound performance is natural, balanced and dynamic. With the KUBIK FREE, you get an easy to use and efficient speaker that will surprise you with its outstanding ability to deliver true hi-fi sound.

The full review is available in the March/April issue of Hifi Vidéo Home Cinéma.

Ease of use 5/5
Features and functions 4,5/5
Ergonomy 4,5/5
Sound quality: 4,3/5
Value for money: 4,2/5