KUBIK FREE - Sophisticated in looks and performance

The UK gadget magazine, STUFF, has carried out a group test of active speakers - Our KUBIK FREE shined and was provided with 5 fabulous stars.

STUFF magazine has focused on the KUBIK FREE’s ability to play through Bluetooth, and according to STUFF, the KUBIK FREE truly delivers serious hi-fi sound. The extruded aluminum makes the KUBIK very strong, and “[…] the glossy metal top is a nice touch […].”

As for the sound performance, the KUBIK FREE delivers a tight and punchy bass and provides one with more detail than one can comprehend in one listening session. STUFF points out that the DALI outshines the other speakers in the test when playing high-quality tunes. The KUBIK simply sounds excellent all round, and the KUBIK XTRA, which can be purchased for a stereo setup, isn’t necessary unless the TV-flanking system is really posh.

“The Dali’s sharp choice of outfit and beautiful finish give a taste of what’s lurking inside. Any track you play spills over with the precision of its hi-fi heritage, even polishing Spotify tunes. […] Dali’s Bluetooth beauty is pure class.”

The full review is available in the April issue of STUFF magazine.