ZENSOR 7 – Excellent performance

The US hi-fi magazine, The Audiophile Voice, has had a close encounter with the flagship of the ZENSOR series, the ZENSOR 7, and the reviewer is dazzled.

Some words are simply so extraordinary that it would be a shame to try to write anything else, so we’ll start by quoting the reviewer, Hugh Mandeson, on his thoughts on the ZENSOR 7:

“The image these speakers present is unlike any other I’ve experienced.” […] “They made music seem alive, dramatic, and ultimately exciting.”

Hugh Mandeson has spent a couple of months with the ZENSOR 7’s, and he has without any doubt fallen in love with the flagship due to their clear and detailed sound. The vivid central image and the two-mike recordings are excellent in both scale and texture, and “[...] the organic and palpable central image the ZENSOR 7’s threw was just remarkable.” When playing full symphony musical pieces, the ZENSOR 7’s provide the listener with a nicely coherent sonic picture a space that goes beyond the boundaries of the speaker baffles. “The ZENSOR’s seemed less dark than most of the speakers I’ve had in my listening room, yet the bottom end is propulsive and rich.” When playing on studio recordings, the ZENSOR 7’s truly brought the band right into ones living room with an amazing simulacrum of height, air, and dimension.

“The drama and emotion of music from these speakers is splendid. What they may miss in minute detail, they more than made up for in musical involvement.” The ZENSOR 7’s fills the room with an alluring illusion of music in the air with warm harmonics, a generous sweet spot and a well-balanced soundstage.

The ZENSOR 7’s are definitely music and movie lovers and are a pleasure to listen to. There is no doubt that the ZENSOR 7’s invites “[…] you to lean back and close your eyes and commune with an expansive and palpable soundscape.”

The full review is available in the newest issue of the US magazine “The Audiophile Voice”.