IKON 1 MK2 – Tremendous value for money

The prestigious UK hi-fi magazine, WHAT HI-FI?, has had a close encounter with the smallest sibling of our well-known IKON MK2 series: the IKON 1 MK2. The IKON 1 MK2 is praised for its neat design, great sound performance both in correlation to the high frequencies and bass power and for its tremendous value for money. The result is an impressive performance giving the IKON 1 MK2 five stars.

Here are some take outs from the review:

“The most eye-catching element on show is the ‘hybrid-tweeter’or, as normal people might say, two tweeters. There’s a ribbon one and a conventional dome one, and they work in tandem. The idea is that two’s better than one – good enough for an awesome treble performance, in fact.”

“DALI is known for clarity and detail, and the IKON 1 MK2s don’t disappoint. What you get is clean and crisp. Vocals and instruments are accompanied by plenty of subtle detail. The overall impression is one of remarkable insight. Then there’s the size of the sound. These aren’t massive speakers, but the sound is huge.”

“We’re also impressed by the tonal balance. […] The bass stays on the good side of hefty: weight is evened out by a nice sense of articulation.”

“The treble really shines, thanks to those two tweeters – there’s plenty of upper-range texture. We play Muse’s Endlessly and the opening percussion is rarely as forthcoming.”

The full review is available in the latest issue of WHAT HI-FI?.