KUBIK FREE – The audiophile approach to an active speaker

The KUBIK FREE has been reviewed by the US lifestyle website, about.com, and the reviewer indeed learned that one shouldn’t judge an active speaker by its price, because the KUBIK FREE is not like anything else.

“When I first listen to an all-in-one stereo product, I always subconsciously cringe just a little. There’s almost always something wrong somewhere: drivers interfering with each other, plastic protuberances blocking the sound’s path, vibrating plastic panels, wind noises chuffing from little ports, etc., etc. So it almost felt like something was wrong when I got the KUBIK FREE playing, because I didn’t hear any of that.”

The reviewer from about.com starts by sharing his concerns about the price point of the KUBIK FREE, but after experiencing its many features, the KUBIK FREE is praised for its extremely clean and natural vocals, great bass and ability to cross boundaries for what’s to expect of an active speaker.

Here are some takeouts from the review:

“[…] I could hear nothing amiss in female voices. With music, male voices – James Taylor, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillian, Band of Skull’s Russel Marsden – sounded terrific.”

“Add the KUBIK XTRA and the system opens up nicely, providing a super-broad stereo soundstage that’s the equal of what you can get with most good mini speakers.”

“The imaging with the full stereo rig is solid, throwing a strong center image along with clearly delineated images of various instruments spanning left to the right in the soundstage.”

“The DALI KUBIK FREE, and the accompanying KUBIK XTRA, are truly something special and unique in high-end audio. It’s no secret that the high-end audio industry has struggled to make its products relevant to average music listeners, but the KUBIK system effortlessly crosses that boundary.”

The full review is available at about.com.