The prestigious UK magazine, WHAT HI-FI?, has carried out a thorough supertest among the very best soundbars. And we are truly excited – the DALI KUBIK ONE is praised with five stars and named the overall winner.

The KUBIK ONE not only dazzle it’s listener with its elegant looks, but also with its amazing sound performance. Everything is nicely controlled, the clarity is stunning and the craftsmanship is magnificent, and the only thing that disappoints is the remote, which will be replaced.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“We think it’s brilliant.”

“We […] are taken by the size of the sound: a wide, spacious soundstage gives jets and spaceships ample room to manoeuvre.”

“Add good timing and agility, and you have a punchy dynamic soundbar.”

“It’s heavy and solidly built, with a luxurious finish to match its price.”

“The DALI KUBIK ONE is a massive success, overall. Design and features impress us, and we love how it sounds. It’s a gorgeous package. Nice one, DALI.”

The full test is available in the newest issue of WHAT Hi-FI?.