KUBIK ONE: Review by Trusted Reviews

The UK hi-fi magazine, Trusted Reviews, has been DALI fans for quite some time now, and their meeting with the KUBIK ONE hasn’t changed anything – it left the KUBIK ONE with a fantastic score of 9/10 and praising words.

As for the design, the KUBIK ONE is funky in every way with its minimal look, cool curves and eye-catching colour scheme. It matches any living room and can easily be hung on the wall or placed on a TV stand or shelf. The build quality is amazing, and the sound performance is simply sublime. Regardless of music or movies, the KUBIK ONE delivers a powerful and lively performance.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“KUBIK ONE’s sound is open and detailed, with forcefully-delivered dialogue and a deep, punchy bottom end.”

“You get a terrific balance across the frequency range and bass integrates with the midrange seamlessly […].”

“It’s a versatile performer that makes music and movies sparkle, while its wide range of connections makes it easy to access your music.”

“DALI’s delectable soundbar delivers a performance to die for with movies and music, while its opulent build quality and eye-catching design put the hefty price tag into context.”

The full review is available at trustedreviews.com.