KUBIK ONE: Pocket-lint review

The DALI KUBIK ONE is a statement soundbar if we ever saw one is the opening line from the Pocket-lint review.

Pocket-lint are pleased with the KUBIK ONE's good looks and sturdy built quality. They find it "...as well built a soundbar as we have ever seen". Actually, the only design downside mentioned is the plastic remote. And as previously announced, current and future owners will have their plastic remote replaced with the new aluminium unibody remote. This will happen from the beginning of April.

"...we've been using the Kubik One as a standalone system, delivering tunes in our office for a full month. And what a glorious month it's been, as the audio quality is second to none, perfectly balanced, with the right levels of richness in mids and high levels." They find that everything is very "clean" and the sound projection to be wide.

Pocket-lint finds no need for adding a subwoofer, "...as the 48-22,000Hz frequency response covers all bases", and they feel that their more bass-demanding tracks "have been delivered with kick".

The full review is available at www.pocket-lint.com.