OPTICON 6: Review by French On-TopAudio

Pierre Stemmelin from the French online magazine, ON-TopAudio.fr calls the OPTICON 6 a demonstration of knowhow

The OPTICON series contains all the speaker technologies, which is normally reserved for high end products. But with the OPTICON series these technologies have now gotten within range. According to On-TopAudio it is therefore a "[…] demonstration of knowhow from the Danish manufacturer’s side, which places them definitively among the most important actors on the market for hi-fi speakers […]."

Furthermore, in their view "OPTICON is not quite neutral, but they are alive." Their verdict is that "the OPTICON 6 is a versatile speaker with a very clean and intelligent design, which offers a lot for the price, while it is accommodating and pleasant to live with."

The full review is available at ON-TopAudio.fr.