DALI KATCH: Review by Forbes Magazine (US)

“Could the DALI KATCH be the best Bluetooth wireless speaker ever made?” That is the question, which Forbes reviewer, Mark Sparrow asks himself after testing the DALI KATCH.

The reviewer is very impressed with our new portable loudspeaker – both when it comes to design and sound. “This is a speaker you’ll want to buy as much for its looks as its sound. Those devilishly clever Danes have a knack for producing products that please the eye as much as the ear.”

According to Mark Sparrow, the DALI KATCH is the loudest little Bluetooth speaker you have ever heard. “How the engineers at DALI managed to produce something so small that sounds so big, I’ll never know.” And he continues: “When it comes to sound performance, the DALI KATCH blows the competition away.”  He adds that it handles quiet music subtly and it always seems to have more volume to deliver and never loses control of the music even for a moment. “I never felt the need for more bass or less treble. The sound is spot on and won’t fail to delight,” Mark Sparrow explains.

The verdict of the DALI KATCH is that “the sound is superb and the battery life generous. To be honest, at this price there’s nothing to catch the KATCH. It’s just one gorgeous speaker that will satisfy the fussiest of ears.”

The full review is available at Forbes.com.

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