OPTICON 8: Review by i-fidelity.net

The flagship model of the OPTICON series received a splendid review from i-fidelity.net and was named as “reference” speaker in its price range!

I-fidelity.net tested the DALI OPTICON 8 and they were impressed!

The OPTICON 8 showed its ability to deliver amazing sound from all sorts of music genres. The OPTICON 8 is able to give the listener a feel of a true “live” experience and captures even the smallest of details.

I-fidelity.net was so impressed that they named the DALI OPTICON 8 as their “reference” speaker in its price range.

A quote from i-fidelity.net

“Matching the optical appearance the OPTICON 8 has a real size in sound which is based on a solid cabinet construction and clever combination of high-quality technique. In addition to this the speaker is not only great as being the player in a stereo set up but also as a homogeneous partner in a superior home cinema. But, please do not challenge the speakers with an average electronic set as the OPTICON 8 can do much better with an excellent system."


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