DALI KATCH – A top performance

The German Hi-Fi Journal has labeled the DALI KATCH with “Referenz Mobile Lautsprecher” at their very first encounter... Intrigued?

The reviewer from Hi-Fi Journal finds the DALI KATCH unique in every aspect: The aluminum-housing, the high-quality leather handle, the elegant colour options, the smart technical solutions and of course…the great sound performance.

Review summary
When challenging the DALI KATCH with Kurt Cobains “Smells like a Teen Spirit”, the KATCH comes off being very well balanced. The spaciousness comes across as being quite good thanks to the loudspeakers on both sides.  The bass is precise and makes “A Million Days” by Paul Kalkbrenner really fun. The KATCH especially impresses when reproducing individual voices as well as instruments clearly and with all facets.

The DALI KATCH is exactly the right mix between design and sound performance, and there are hardly any alternatives on the market that can match the DALI KATCH on equal terms.

The full review is available in German here.