DALI KATCH: ”Impressive sound from a small sandwich-like box”

The Dutch online magazine, AudioVideo2day.com, has had a close encounter with the DALI KATCH, and they are excited.

Just looking at the DALI KATCH, the reviewer from AudioVideo2day.com is left with great expectations, which is only reinforced when he actually feels the craftsmanship of the aluminium cabinet. The reviewer finds the design beautiful in any of the three colour versions, while the leather strap adds that little extra to the speaker.

Review summary
Play some music, and the DALI KATCH convinces you from the first beat. Sound-wise the DALI KATCH delivers an authority like never seen before in a portable Bluetooth speaker - with a deep and controlled bass, a top definition and clarity in the details. When turning up the volume, the DALI KATCH handles the loudness without losing control. Even in correlation to the battery-life, the DALI KATCH is unique – it really can play 24 hours on average volume.

His conclusion is that you won't be disappointed with the DALI KATCH – it both sounds fantastic and looks beautiful.

Go to the full review here (in Dutch)